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The Absolute Backup Monitor software protects your important documents, letters and files from accidents in real time. You don?t have to go through a lengthy backup scheduling process ? just install the program and it creates backup copies of specified files and folders in real time. Absolute Backup Monitor creates storage area for backup copies and, using a wide range of options, watches changes in files or folders, and records all data necessary to restore them. You?ll always have the latest copy of the documents, not a version that you manually backed up a week or month ago. In case of data loss, Absolute Backup Monitor will help you restore all the files quickly, without losing a single bit of your information! Absolute Backup Monitor is intended for personal use, but also can protect files on servers in small local networks. The administrator can protect the user document folders by placing the backup file storage on the server. Absolute Backup Monitor is a simple and ideal solution for those who work constantly with documents and who want to be sure that they are safe. The program supports compression, scheduling, folder synchronization, provides various statistics on working with documents, can save several copies of files, and allows viewing and restoring intermediate versions of documents. The wide range of configuration options allows creation of rules to guarantee 100% protection of all important documents on your PC. A free, non-expiring trial version is available! Absolute Backup Monitor is the new generation of backup systems, ensuring that you won?t lose a single bit of data.

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